Julius Jalava

Producer, founder

Julius "Julle" Jalava is one of the founders of the company and a known problem solver. Julius is an innovative professional, who knows the secrets of efficient working. Julius possesses the skills for service design and understands the desires of the customer. Got problems arranging an event? Contact Julius and see how the problems just wash away.


Sampo Muukkonen

Producer, Founder

Sampo "Muki" Muukkonen is the second founder member of the company. He knows the secrets of marketing and sales. Sampo has been involved in several events himself and wants to create possibilities for others to succeed! Event marketing has to be clear and stir up feelings. Are you having trouble with marketing or sales? Contact Sampo, and he will make sure that the right people will find your event!


Niki Honkasalo

Producer, Founder

Niki "Snake" Honkasalo is the third founder member of the company. Niki has operated on a broad front in different kinds of events and productions. Niki has superb knowledge of how an event should be organized. Niki possesses the skills to organize and the ability to find solutions, especially during an event. Having trouble with the arrangements or creating content for the event? In that case, contact Niki.